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A Leela, in Indian mythology and in the ancient Sanskrit language, is a chapter in the Divine Play of Life, often with an element of humor or pranksterism thrown in.  My feeling is that at least most of the stories listed on this page, if not all, qualify as Leelas, or chapters in the sublimely sacred and yet humorous Divine Play of life.

These are short stories which I wrote primarily in 2000 and 2001.  The listings are broken into fiction and non-fiction, and each listing contains a short description of the story as well as a link to the page (in the same folder on this site.)


Note: All contents and stories copyright © 2001


 All stories in this section are true; a few details may have been changed in a few stories to protect the innocent and the weak-hearted.

Bars, Pubs, Roadhouses and Lodges: the Weirdest, Strangest and the Worst
Tales of strange pubs and inns in Maryland, and a few notables across the country. Gets a bit raunchy and strange at times.  R-rated.

A Magical Encounter in SLC with a Mysterious and Beautiful Woman
A tale of synchronicity and a magical (and sensual) encounter in Salt Lake City, of all places, with a beautiful and entrancing woman.

Tales from Fringe-Land: Cellular Phone Call from Nowhere
A bizarre cell phone call received while I was traveling in Los Angeles, California in late 2000.  The caller was rather mysterious, her claims rather bizarre, her demand outlandish, and the call left little trace in the systems of my cell phone provider.  It was apparently true, as she claimed, that her call ws not "comning in through normal channels", but rather through a "back door". Several conspiracy-theory web sites have reproduced this story, with permission, on their web sites.

The Seer of Love Currents
An encounter with a powerful intuitive in Florida, with the ability to see heart energies and love currents.  This tale describes also a healing and an opening of the heart.

An Encounter With Unknowing: a Fool Encounters Divinity and the Mundane
An encounter with a mysterious woman of Native American heritage in Baltimore with strange abilities.  She turned out to be a psychic, a shaman, a biker and a stripper.

A Late-Night Encounter
A true tale of a very strange and humorous late-night encounter with police in a distant city.

An Elevator Ride to Another World
This true story is one which I wrote for and submitted to Weird N.J. magazine in mid-2002.  The story was eventually published, albeit in a somewhat shorter, edited form (due to space) as a two-page article (complete with an eerie illustration) entitled An Elevator Ride to the Other Side in issue #21 of Weird N.J. magazine, in September 2003.

Something in the Eyes
A true tale of an unexpected meeting with a woman in a pub in a nearby city.

A Fun Evening on the Town and a Comment on Desire
A true tale of a light evening out on the town.  A story about light desire -- in contrast to heavy wanting -- and about allowing things to happen.

Tales from Fringe-Land: Picking up Babes While on a Raw Diet
True tale of a funny encounter with two women in the aisles of my local natural-foods store while I was eating a raw foods diet which includes raw animal foods.  Includes some funny tales of Frederick, MD as well, along with some funny observations on the whole topic of meeting members of the opposite sex in the new millenium.

A Letter to Uncle Jack about my Recent Relationships with Women
My uncle Jack recently wrote to me and made the mistake of asking about my dating and relationship history since my divorce.  I answered, slightly wryly and tongue-in-cheek.  However, all are true tales from the male-female dating world, circa the new millenium.

Some Notes on the Flirting and Pickup Scene and the Rituals and Customs Therein
A true tale about customs, paradigms and rituals which seem to permeate flirting and pickup for dating, especially if the women involved are "girlie-girls".  R-rated.  Includes tales of pickup stories from dance bars, strange gender-role stereotypes, women flashing breasts, women groping men's butts, and lastly, "leg shows" (only girlie-girls know about these, for the most part...).

Tales of Life With the Flying Squirrels, and Other Leelas
Leelas are ongoing chapters in the Divine Play.  This ongoing document-in-process contains some Leelas; mainly stories about flying squirrels and other wild animals I have encountered in or near my house in the mountains.  For some photographs of wild flying squirrels which venture into my home, please see the links section below, or the links page on this site!

A Nairud Calling Card
A mostly-true tale of a forbidden fruit and an exotic woman.

Anna, An Angel
Not Yet Available!  In process.. ..  At work!  Perhaps.  Perhaps this one will not be released.  Please do not click on link yet.


Valkyrie: the Riddle, the Ride
Gretchen, the mystery woman met on a ski slope inVail, or was it Aspen? Or was her name Hannah?  Was it Greta? Was she from Bulgaria, from Austria, from Romania, or from somewhere much farther away?  A strange tale of an encounter with a Valkyrie. In my opinion, this is my best piece of fiction.  I felt inspired by the goddess as I wrote it and polished it over a two-week period.

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse
An experimental, rather bizarre short story centered about the encounter of a wild, crazy, delusional and slightly paraonid recluse with the six Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

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