The Seer of Love Currents
a short tale of clairvoyance and heart energies


Throughout much of  1998 I had been seeing ads in magazines such as Intuition for weekend workshops in intuiton training, usually with the title “The One Minute Intuitive”, taught by a woman named Frances Fox in the Miami, Florida area, who billed herself as an internationally-known intuitive.  I knew from various other sources that Frances had a very solid reputation in the Southeast as a very good intuitive. In the ads and elsewhere, she billed herself as someone who had been trained since early childhood in intuitive access abilities as part of  a secret goverenment “remote viewing” project.  For some reason, her ads kept catching my eye, or rather, some inner sense kept nudging me to investigate the training seminar.  Now, this struck my rational mind as a bit unusual: first, I tend to see myself as rather intuitive already, and secondly, I am not much of a “sampler”: I do not usually graze various spiritual workshops.  Rather, my inner path is rather focused and disciplined, using some modalities and techniques, particuarly heart-centered, which work well for me, and I simply do not scoot all over the country attending trainings and seminars in the latest hot inner discipline.  I also simply felt that I already had experienced some powerful training in heightened intuitive access in the various seminars which I had taken in recent years at Heartmath Institute, as well as in my subsequent experiences with heart-centered work from this and various traditions, including the Release Method.

Further, while I have strong spiritual interests and disciplines, I have little tolerance for anything which is at all “New Agey” -- I have no need or time for pseudo-religions, delusions and wishful thinking.  However, one puzzling aspect to all this which eventually convinced me to look more closely at the possibility of attending the workshop was this: I was constantly exposed at that time to a number of advertisments offering training in intuition, and none of the others had caught my inner eye but for the one offered by Frances; something in me seemed to click with her.

So, reluctantly, I went about investigating the possibility of taking one of Frances’ workshops in Florida.  Summer was gone; it was getting cold up in the mid-Atlantic states where I live, and it might be fun to go to Florida for a few days.  In any case, the next few courses were being offered in Coral Gables, and I had never been to the Miami/CoralGables area of Florida.  In addition, airfares for the hop down to Florida were notoriously cheap, and I could easily book a flight for a hundred dollars.

Therfore, I took the next step:  I called Frances to interview her and to make sure that the course would really have meat, and that it was not full of New Age fluff and silliness.  Lastly, I wanted some reassurance that the course offered a method which was more heart-centered, rather than extremely mental. Although I did not tell Frances this, I personally felt that I had been quite intuitive all my life, and had likely been easily “traveling the universe” with my mind since birth, if not before. Lastly, I knew that the methods which work best for me are those which are heart-centered, rather than those which are more mind-centered -- I feel that it is real easy toget lost in the latter methods.  Well, Frances seemed rather sane and resonable, and not at all “New Agey”, and she had the right answers to all my questions, so I decided to follow my gut sense and sign up for her November workshop  titled "The One-Minute Intuitive",

Part I

Early in November 1998 I hopped a Southwest Airlines flight to Miami on a Thursday morning, picked up a rental car, and drove to the hotel in Coral Gables where the workshop was being held, and where I had rented a room as well, for convenience.   The workshop would take place all day on Friday and Saturday in a small conference room on the ground floor of the hotel.  I arrived at the hotel feeling quite lousy; I had been fighting a flu bug for a few days, and I felt an overriding need for sleep, and on top of that I was suffering a bit of sinus pain from the airline flight.  The fatigue and feeling of illness were to stay with me throughout much of the 2 days of the workshop.

Later on the day of my arival, in early evening, I met Frances in an office at one of her nearby businesses, and we sat for a one-hour personal intuitive reading which I had scheduled with her at the time I had made my course reservation few weeks earlier.  She had very little knowledge of me or my life until that point, just enough basics that we had been able to mutually determine that I would probably benefit from her seminar. By the end of the reading, I was impressed with Frances and her abilities; she was very good, very able and accurate in her the intuitive access to knowledge, and extremely clairvoyant.

Now for the details of the reading!  I tend to hate psychic or intuitive readings which meander all over the place and which offer me all kinds of trivial information which may or may not be true (e.g., “Your sister will marry a doctor in the next 3 years”, “You will take a trip to Europe in six months on a secret mission”, “your dog will develop diarrhea in two weeks”, “your sister was Napoleon in previous lifetime), and which does not matter to me anyway.  Luckily, Frances was not at all like this: she explained that she would offer me in the reading only important information which I could use and needed to know or to be reminded of for some reason, organized in order of the most important issue first.  Frances startled me by pulling my middle name out of the air, along with the fact (indeed true) that my mother had had a miscarriage about one year before I was born, and lost her first son; she also retrieved the name which my mother had planned to name that son.  She told me of some soul-level issues related to that which had relevance for me, since those unresolved issues were possibly affecting my functioning in life.

Next, Frances told me that in my past lives I had invariably been a mystic, a priest or priestess or sorceror, and almost always of the “good” flavor, that I had a tremendous background in those lives in inner disciplines, in meditation and matters of spirit and metaphysics, and conversely, had perviously had little experience with “mundane” day-to-day life. This revelation was a bit startling to me, since this was the fifth time in 14 years in which I had been told the same thing by five different psychics or intuitives (none of whom knew the other in any way), the last time a few years earlier by world-famous Bella Karish in Los Angeles, who told me almost the same thing and in almost the same words!  Interestingly, none of these people had known me previously, nor had most of them known many details of my life, such as my background in meditation and metaphysics, or my interest in mystical pursuits.

Frances told me that it was kind of ironic that I was planning to attend her workshop, as she could see that I was already extremely intuitive and psychic and could easily access places, levels and information far from my present physical locus (often called “remote viewing” or “remote access”.)  At this juncture, she grew a bit concerned, and wondered aloud whether I might not be able to gain much of importance from her course, and apologized in advance, saying that my level of skills was highly exceptional and extremely unusual, and had she realized this, she would not have recomended the workshop to me. She experessed concern that I might get quite bored during parts of the workshop, since I had, in her words, been using some of these skills and techniques since the moment I had been born. She half-jokingly offered to refund part of the tuition to me or make it up to me in other ways if I indeed grew very bored with her course.  I realized that she was genuinely concerned, and reasured her that the cost of the course was quite inexpensive, and the airfare had been even cheaper, and I simply intended to enjoy my stay and make the best of it no matter what.

Frances returned her attention to what she called my past lives and the abilities which I now had in this lifetime as a result of those years of experience and discipline, plus my years of medittion in this life. Indeed, Frances pointed out, the big challenge in the first 35 years of my life had been to focus and channel that “spiritiual”ability so that I was not constantly leaving my body to wander and play in the universe, and rather learn to have patience and stay here on Earth to pay attention and feel emotions.  Again, this insight was 100% accurate: she had just described what had been about my biggest challenge in growing up.  She wryly pointed out that the skills and abilities which I possessed innately and used half-consciously were quite the same set of abilities which many attendees of New Age workshops on intuition and remote viewing were trying to attain, and that I needed to realize that when I walked into the class tomorrow morning I would be among almost 20 people, many of them New Age seekers and dreamers, some of whom would literally kill to gain a fraction of the abilities which I possessed and used so easily and often unconsciously.

Since I had agreed to attend the workshop desipte her reservations, Frances returned to the reading and came up with only a few other issues, each one of importance to me, and in each was able to show me some aspect of  the issue which I had been neglecting or avoiding, and of  which I needed to be aware. In each case, Frances was quite accurate in her perception and description of the basic issue as well as the aspects which I had been avoiding. Frances and I parted about one and a half hours after the start of the reading.  I felt that I had gained some insights and met a very intresting and gifted woman; we said goodbyes and parted till our class the next day.

Part II

The workshop turned out to be a bit of a let-down, perhaps moreso than Frances had anticipated.  Part of my disenchantment and boredom was likely due to my flu-like symptoms and the attendant fatigue; I simply had little patience for anything which was at all irritating.  And, to me at least, irritating the class often was!  In my stilted worldview, most of the other sixteen attendees were what I would have labeled as New Age seekers with little focus and with a sense of entitlement.  They seemed, with only a few exceptions, to be primarily older women who were rather unhappy with their lives, felt very sorry for themselves and were looking for some kind of change, but wanted to realize that change with very little effort and no discomfort. They seemed to want salvation by pushing a button; they were unhappy, they wanted to be healed by magic; most wore crystals and magical pendants which they fingered hopefully.  They also wanted to be entertained: to perhaps have visions of saints or of colorful lights, and hopefully, those saints or bright lights would also perhaps fix some of the wrongs in their lives, especially their weight (they all seemed to feel they were grossly overweight, but were totally unwilling to change their admittedly horrible diets, or to start exercising) and their financial situations, which they also disliked.  For some reason, that particular combination of qualities pushed a lot of my buttons, likely because I tend to have a “charge” on the opposite qualities, and value effort, discipline, focus, emotional self-management, and depth.  (Of course, I could speculate that I probably would not have such a charge on these qualities unless I feared that lurking deep inside myself was a part of me that was undisciplined, lazy and passive.)

On top of the fact that I was, in my own world of inner judgement, rather dissatisfied with many of the other attendees and the “poor me”, “victim” and “gimme” attitudes which they radiated, the tone and style of the teaching was much more “New Agey” than Frances had led me to believe it would be.  Frances herself was not particularly New Age in style or word, but she tended to encourage exercises which involved letting people roam the universe on some astral plane to find information, and, to facilitate this, she asked her assistant instructor, a very New Age-type woman (who dabbled in dozens of mystical sounding things, and did “readings”) to lead endless unstructured and vague meditations, all conducted in a sonorous and melodramatic voice, in which folks in the room were to leave their bodies and wander the uinverse.  Frankly, I had come here to learn short, quick and concise techniques, as the ad had promised, for intuitive access or for exercising intention in the world.  While Frances offered some of this, much of the offerings on the menu were, to me, of the New Age spacey variety, what I tend to call “soul travel”, and very vague and spacey.

Well, as Frances had observed the night before, I had been doing this kind of thing since I was born, and, in my estimation, with far more discipline and focus than these people, or the assistant instructor, were showing.   On Friday, the first day, I seriously considered leaving the workshop and taking a nap or a walk in the wondrous sunlight to at least be doing something I enjoyed.  However, I sensed that for some reason it was important to Frances that I stay in attendance, and there was just enough interesting material (models, theories, and techniques) offered that I stayed througout the day.  More than the boredom or my fatigue, perhaps my greatest discomfort was due to the fact that the energies in the room felt all wrong; I assumed that was due to the high percentage of unhappy and helpless people, many with a victom or “poor me” mentality, seeking quick salvation.

So, during the guided meditations led by the melodrama-infatuated assistant instructor, I simply closed my eyes, pretending to cooperate, and instead went inside myself and did my own things; sometimes napping, sometimes fantasizing.  Indeed, after each of these meditative exercises the first day, Frances jokingly chided me in front of the class and stated that she had observed clairvoyantly that while my eyes had been closed,  I had not been doing the exercise at all but was rather “doing my own thing” internally. She explained to the class at one such juncture that this was perfectly alright with her, because she felt that I already had these skills mastered sufficiently.

Part III

The second day of the class was Saturday.  Saturday morning started a bit ominously.  Whereas the day before only a few attendees had mentioned the uncomfortable and “spacey” (no wonder, with perhaps 12 seekers who were trying to escape their realities and their bodies!) energy in the room, this morning Frances herself acknowledged the uncomfortable energy, and described it clairvoyantly as two pyramidal geometric shapes of greenish energy, one inverted, with apexes meeting in the room, which were somehow misaligned and showing what she called “twisted” energy patterns. (I later learned that similar imbalances had been sensed by folks at other some workshops held by Frances, and, to my mind, this was not surprising given the ungrounded,  dependent and needy qualities exhibited by the majority of the attendees whom she seemed to attract.)  Frances mentioned that she had tried to repair this configuration, and when that had failed, had asked the assistance of her guides, and neither she nor her guides could affect the energy imbalance. She stated that this was very unusual, that usually she or her guides could handle almost any phenomena which arose in the energetic and etheric realms.

Within an hour, the assistant instructor was leading another vague guided meditation on leaving the body and traveling to the far ends of the universe “to see what could be seen”, in a dramatic voice which could have been lifted from the soundtrack of  a Hollywood film about a seance at the turn of the century. As I had done yesterday, I refused to partake in this exercise, finding it and its ilk extremely vague, unproductive and silly.  I also have an allergy to New Age folks who try to lead meditations in sonourously earnest sing-song tones. The particular allergy tends to make me want to vomit propulsively!  Instead of following the meditation, I closed my eyes and went to my heart center, because I was still feeling fatigued and physically ill from the flu.  Now, on top of that, I was feeling cranky!  By this time, I had already pretty much decided to skip at least the remainder of the morning session, and to instead go for a walk in the beautiful sunshine.  However, I first went to my heart center to deal with some of my physical and emotinal discomfort.  After closing my eyes, I quickly cleared my aura and surrounding space, filled my oval bodies with love and care, and stated my intention to dissolve some of the physical discomfort I was feeling with love and ease.  I also stated my intention to leave the session shortly and go for a walk. My heart and spirit instantly replied that while it would not be wrong for me to leave and go for a walk, it would be even more loving, efficient and effective if I were to stay in the room and simply remediate my physical and emotional discomfort there and find peace within.  So I decided to do so, and to forgo the walk, at least for now!

I allowed my heart center to open, then allowed it to fill with love, kindeness, compassion, ease and acceptance, and started sending this energy and light to all parts of my body and being.  I quickly perceived, on an energetic level, that there was something in the room affecting me on an energetic and emotional level and causing much of my discomfort and the disturbed feeling which I had noticed that day.  Since I do not like to intrude on other’s reality, I decided not to try to manipulate the energy or pattern outside of myself, but rather just to dissolve and release it  within my “aura”, in other words, just release on my own resistanc eto it,since I was obviously resisting this feeling and energy (this can often be done with a very minor “shift” in one’s own perception and attitude.)  In other words, I was willing to work on my own energy and balance, but I was unwilling to influence anyone outside myself; I am simply not here on Earth to be a missionary or a zealot whose task it is to force change on others.

So, the assistant instructor’s voice droning around me in her guided meditation, I first allowed myself to perceive the disturbing energy within my being and then to simply accept it, allow it, love it and bless it, and then dissolve it, and especially my resistance to it.  I immediately felt a shift, and so I continued sending acceptance, love and kindness to this distrubed energy pattern, as well as to my discomfort.  The shifts were rapid and powerful, and I felt a massive change in my level of inner comfort and well-being, as well as strong and pervasive feeling of peace and acceptance.  The strong disturbed feelings which I had felt moments before now dissolved, replaced by love and peace.  Tears instantly sprang from my closed eyes in appreciation, joy and love; my heart was wide open, and love was flowing freely.  I savored this for a few moments, and then my intuition nudged me and suggested that I dissolve some of the  judgemental feelings I had held toward many of the people in the room, and instead send them love and care.  This was easy to agree to, as I now felt far better on a physical and emotional level than I had felt since I had arrived in Miami two days earlier.

So, from the expanded and expansive space which I now enjoyed, I started to send love, compassion and care to all persons in the room.  This flowed easily and well, and I rapidly expanded the intent to sending love from my heart center to everyone within the area.  Next, instead of sending love, acceptance and compassion from only the heart center, I allowed some of the heart energy to spill over to the two energy centers above the heart (throat and “third eye”) and to the two below (solar plexus and navel) and to send love and acceptance from these centers as well.  This is a technique I had learned on an inner level a few years earlier, and is one which benefits me as well when I am practicing it, as each of energy centers expands and I feel deeply relaxed and safe.  So, I did this easily and with peace and joy, sending love and acceptance to everyone in the room and within about a one block radius.  For the folks in the room, I sent currents of love from the heart and the other four centers to them, allowing them to be as they were and accepting and loving them as they were.  It felt good and joyous for me as well, and so I kept doing it.

Suddenly, Frances interrupted her assistant instructor, who was in the midst of a sonorous and serious narrative, halfway through the meditative tour, and asked her to halt, instructing everyone to keep their eyes closed.  She said that they would be able to continue their meditative exercise in a few minutes, but that first she wanted to address something amazing which she had just witnessed.  She stated that she had not been following the guided meditation, but, rather, as is her usual practice, had been scanning the room clairvoayantly to determine which students were stuck or in need of help.  She said that she had suddenly become aware that the energies and patterns in the room were shifting rapidly, that the disturbed geometry which she had described earlier had corrected within a span of few seconds, and that all the discordant and disturbed energies in the room had instantly resolved.  She said that she was stunned, since this was a change that she and her guides had been powerless to effect due to the intensity of the disturbance.  She revealed that she had next shifted to a different clairvoyant level to discover what had effected the sudden change, and there had discovered that green and pink bands or ribbons of love coming from my heart center had “corrected” the energies in the room instantly. Frances next described, with perfect, breathtaking and stunning accuracy, my inner state of peace and acceptance, as well as the bands of green/gold light coming from my heart chakra and the other four centers, and described exactly where they were going -- to each person in the room, including herself.  She stated that the size of my heart center at that time was beyond the size of the hotel building  and that I was also sending green, pink and gold bands of love to everyone within a city block.  She then accurately described how the disturbing energy geometry in the room had drastically shifted in synchrony with my inner adjustments.  I felt a bit uncomfortable with this revelation; I had not intended to change things for anyone else, but rather only for myself.

Frances stated to the class that she had never witnessed a being, whether human or spirit, exercise such powerful control over subtle and emotional energies and manifest such a powerful change.  She admitted that she felt that she was a very powerful intuitive and creator, but that this feat was entirely beyond her abilities and those of any of her guides, and told the class that I was far more “powerful” than she or anyone she had ever known.  While maintaining my inner heart chemistry and flow, I slowly opened my eyes and looked around the room. I noticed Frances, a strongly built and usually rather proud woman, staring at me with eyes bright with awe and appreciation, and what moved me most was the fact that I now noticed tears, peace and softness in and around the closed eyes of many of my classmates, most of whom, only twenty minutes earlier, had been exceedingly agitated, unhappy and depressed, and in very much of a “grasping” mode.  I was a bit stunned, despite the fact that I had already been witnessing this on some inner level, and an inner voice told me “See, it is that easy! Just send love!”. With that, and with a wink from Frances, I closed my eyes and returned to my joyous inner activity.  Frances, for her part, wound down her description of what had happened, and allowed her assistant instructor to return to the meditation.


The remainder of the day passed rather uneventfully.  At one point in late afternoon, Frances asked me to talk a bit about what had happened and to share with  folks in the class how to get in touch with Heartmath Institute to learn heart-centered techniques. I have also recommended Larry Crane's Release Technique to some of these folks in more recent times.   Shortly after this workshop, I learned that Frances apparently had stopped offering workshops and seminars in intuition and manifesting.  I next spoke with her with her about 8 months after the workshop in Coral Gables.  Frances had moved and also had a new phone number. She had indeed ceased giving workshops for the time being, and she was working as an intuitive consultant to a large multinational banking corporation.  She offered to give me a quick free phone reading to catch up on some issues we had discussed during our private session in Coral Gables, and her accuracy and insight during the post-session, in my estimation, was rather high. The call and ad hoc reading reinforced my impression of Frances as a very powerful intuitive.  She and I agreed to stay in touch occasionally in the future, and we wound down the call.

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