An Encounter With Unknowing:
 a fool encounters divinity and the mundane
a true tale


This narrative was written during a two month time span starting in early June 2000.  The act of putting this all on paper started as an e-mail I had posted to an e-mail discussion mail list on the Internet which was devoted to research on gas plasmas and their strange effects and behaviors. I had written my e-mail in an attempt to describe a strange near-mystical encounter which had happened a week earlier, since the discussions on the list sometimes ventured into the metaphysical.  In any case, the woman involved in the mystical encounters had more than once passed me information relevant to my plasma research!

This is a tale is about mystical interventions, intention, synchronicity and a mystical wild woman with strange inner gifts.  However, the narrative also includes all kinds of incidental references to strange and fringe physics research as well, since I was involved I research in that area at the time the events in this story took place, and that work somehow became intertwined in more than one of the discussions I had with the mysterious and entrancing woman who is the focus of much of the following story.

The setting for this story is June 2000.  I had been experiencing a great amount of synchronicity over the previous 15 months since expanding my lab into R & D in various areas, including some topics such as gas plasmas and the physical chemistry of water.  A lot of the synchronicity had been in regard to resources: information which I needed popping up in unrelated casual conversations, persons appearing in my life, via unrelated or almost-unrelated interactions, who turned out to be resource people (for example, a custom labware glassblower, an expert on vacuum technology, an expert on clathrate compounds as catalysts) for things which I needed.   Indeed, things seemed to just pop up once I recognize that I need them.   I had even had financial and equipment support materialize for my research.  The primary variable on my end seemed to be this: these phenomena increase drastically when I am able to stay in a state of total appreciation and acceptance of this world and all in it, and when I'm able to send love, care and compassion to the world as well as all aspects of myself.

Please note that the name of the woman as well as a very few identifying details have been changed to protect her privacy.

Part I

Details my first encounter with the mystery woman.
One of the funniest and most mysterious things which I have encountered in my journey through life was a set of interactions in early summer 2000 with a very strange and fascinating woman.  In early June (6/08), I was in the Inner Harbor area of Baltimore for a sunny Thursday afternoon after leaving work early to play and explore in the city.  Living in a remote mountain home in Western Maryland as I do, I need such occasional outings to get a taste of urban life and people, what I call “the flow of life”. At one point in late afternoon, a woman, a total stranger, with long straigh light brown hair approached me on the sidewalk from out of the blue. She was perhaps in her late thirties, and wore a blue denim jacket over a t-shirt bearing a pattern which looked vaguely Native American.  She had a great wide smile and was intensely beautiful, in a kind of electrifying and haunting way, tall, slender, with rather broad shoulders, wide blue-gray eyes and broad high cheekbones, and she literally demanded that I talk with her.  Her eyes were very intense, and focused totally upon me.  I need to repeat that she had a powerful intensity about her, and very bright eyes -- great spirit in them.  She felt like a very old and powerful soul.  The hair stood up on the back of my neck, even as I witnessed a part of me being tempted to become infatuated with her.  The mundane and the very strange and sacred were mixing in an exotic blend.

First, she told me "I saw you in my dreams 2 nights ago. I recognize your t-shirt, you were wearing it in the dream.  But, you were supposed to come into the city yesterday, not today. You are a day late!"  I responded that I had indeed planned on coming into the city (an infrequent occurrence) the day before (Wednesday), but had run into unanticipated emergencies at work which delayed me and caused me to postpone my outing. Indeed, the only reason I even made it into the city on this afternoon was that a massive power failure had struck my office building in early afternoon, and we had all left early for the day.  For some reason (laundry skills challenged?, olfactory response challenged?), I had indeed worn again today (Thursday) the same t-shirt as I had worn to work the day before.

She then told me her name was “Elk”.  She said, “I need to talk with you”.  She dragged me by the hand into a nearby bar and we sat at the near-empty bar in a dark and abandoned corner. She turned on her stool and faced me fully, looking into my eyes, waiting for me to turn and face her as well.  I did so, wondering what was to happen next.  Once she had gotten my attention, she then confronted me with very serious intent, and said: "I aproached you for a reason.  I saw you from a distance. I can see by your aura and energy that you have some kind of very serious spiritual practice or discipline.  Your aura is very large, very clear, very bright and very white, and I have never seen that before in anyone.  You also have a very powerful spirit, and some very powerful guides. You are very unusual.  This can’t be an accident.  I want to know about you.  You must have a path -- my own path is witchcraft, and I am a good witch (I was later to learn that this was not entirely true. . .).  What is your practice?"  Still surprised by her recent approach, shocked a bit by her observation, and now fascinated by her question, I hesitated a moment, looking at her, especially those sharp, but friendly and bright grey eyes.  Finally deciding that I was wiIling to share, I then told her a bit about my ongoing spiritual and inner disciplines, including my heart-centered work.

We talked for a bit.  I ordered a water; she ordered a drink.  She turned out to be a biker and a truckdriver, and also a part-time stripper at a nearby strip joint on the Block, and I discovered that she was Native American -- Cherokee.  Her name Elka was short for Tall Elk, par tof her given name when she was born.  She had been born in the Carolinas, and had lived in Baltimore for about ten years.  She had grown up in what was apparently a highly abusive and dysfunctional family, and had spent years wrestling with the use of alcohol and drugs to self-medicate her inner pain and confusion.  She indicated that the drugs and alcohol were now largely behind her.   She said that she had been introduced to mysticism and magic from a very early age by an elderly grandfather, who died in her childhood, and also by her mother, a medicine woman, who came from a long line of the same. Elka had dabbled in witchcraft in her adolescent years, finding used books and using candles and rituals of her own devising, guided by her own “guides”.  Next, in her early twenties, while in the throes of serious drug and alcohol abuse and living in Florida, she had taken a short-cut thru the parking lot of a gas station on her way to a Native American pow-wow in a nearby field.  While in the parking lot, she was approached by an incredibly ancient Native American man whom she had never seen before.  He looked her in the eyes, and touching her fondly on the arm, called her by her given birth name (which consisted of a number of names strung together), a name which no one else alive knew.  She felt that she received in his touch some kind of transmission of energy or information from this man on an invisible inner level. He claimed to be her “grandfather”, although there was nowhere in her family tree where she could place him, and he refused to elaborate for her.  They talked for a minute or two about more mundane things, and then he told her that she had powerful inner gifts and abilities, that she was a wizard and sorceress.  He said that he wished to remind her that she had powerful guides.  He then said goodbye, turned, walked a short distance away, and simply disappeared without a trace in the afternoon sunlight.

Elka touched me on the arm, and then said to me: "You have a research problem you are working on, and you are stuck and not sure what to do next. You have been stuck a while.  The answer is at home, all you need is at home. You will know by tomorrow."  Well, the foremost technical problem on my mind at the time (although I had not told her anything at all about my research) was, and had been for the past 2 weeks, a homemade adjustable, 0 to 210 volt DC power supply which I was attempting to use for some light-water electrochemical nuclear plasma discharge experiments.  Since the reaction cell was drawing a somewhat higher than anticipated current, the power supply could not keep up, and the voltage was drooping way too much.  In other words, the power transformer was way too small (too weak).  I obviously needed a larger, heftier power transformer, but was extremely reluctant to spend over $150 to purchase a transformer of the right size (voltage, power) from a mail-order source, since this plasma nuclear fusion stuff is a sideline inquiry only, and not my primary research focus .

In response to my questions about her life, Elka disclosed that she was currently living with a man who was a biker and truckdriver, in what she called an “open” relationship.  Lastly, Elka told me the name of the strip bar where she worked, as well as her schedule (which I promptly forgot), and where the bar was located. She told me to come visit her again in the future, and that I could find her in the strip bar.  Confessing that I had already forgotten it, I asked her to repeat her part-time schedule.  She dismissed my question with a wave and a shrug, and said “You don’t need the schedule.  You will know when to come if you need to see me!”  With little further ado, we parted with warm goodbyes.  Somehow, on some inner level, I fully accepted this strange encounter and equally mystifying person, and knew as well that I would have only several encounters with her.

I returned home that night and went to sleep. Upon awakening on Friday morning, I realized that  I was thinking about the technical problem in my laboratory.  I had some old "junker" transformers on my front porch which I had considered for the task, but had decided (with my mind) that they would not be able to handle the current and power.  Now, early in the morning, my intuition was telling me that I had been wrong, and should use one of these transformers. The message the night before from the chance encounter with Elka was the only thing which prompted me to listen to the intuitive message rather than dismiss it as pure wishful thinking. Sure enough, I tried the transformer in the supply that evening, and it worked perfectly.  I had indeed found the answer at home!

Part II
Let’s now fast-forward a week to mid-June, again a Thursday (6/15/2000).  As before,  I was again in the same area in Baltimore in late afternoon, and this time I walked to the Block and found the strip bar where Elka worked.  I  entered the sparsely-populated bar and scanned the dancers and customers; Elka was nowhere to be seen.  I lingered, standing, in the bar for one or two minutes, making sure that there was no trace of Elka, and politely refused overtures from two dancers to sit with them.  Turning to leave, I saw a woman approach the bar from a back room; she was not dressed as the other dancers, rather, she wore a vest and a cape.  As she neared, I recognized her as Elka.  She approached me, and we went to the bar and sat and talked.  This time she said to me ". . . you have time travel in your consciousness".  I demurred, saying that while I may speculate about it infrequently, it is certainly not an interest of mine.  She then went further (she whom I had told nothing at all about my research), and said ". . . Let me fine-tune that: you are working with some kind of a glass container, with water in it, and there is an underwater glow.  When you are running that device, you are often inadvertently creating conditions which form a portal to other places, times and dimensions.  The portal is usually small, but it may remain there when the experiment is shut off.  Entities from other times and regions may enter the room through the portal.  If you do not notice the entities, your cat will, and she will tell you, she will act strange about that room. Even your dog will warn you. You are able to manage such entities OK if you need to."

Well, I did not know what to say to that one!  She was indeed perfectly correct in what she described of the physical research apparatus: I had been working with electrochemical light water nuclear reactions in a glass cell, and, once the nuclear reaction was going full-swing, there was indeed a glow (plasma) underwater.  I have also heard speculation that many plasma discharges may yield all kinds of anomalous or currently undefined radiation types, and I am aware that some researchers feel that both gas-tube plasmas and light-water electrochemical discharge plasmas may yield charge clusters, or even emit mini-plasmoids (like ball lightning).  To my best knowledge, no one in this field of research has speculated that the plasma glow opens a time/space portal!  Further, despite Elka’s assertion, I have seen nothing so far in my occasional tinkering with the light-water nuclear plasma cell which would indicate that anything that Elka said (portal, entities) may yet be a reality.  However, one never knows. . .!  Her track record so far has not been bad, so I am keeping an open mind!

There is one last bit of detail which Elka shared before we parted from our second meeting.  Some of these things are a bit difficult to believe verbatim.  She related to me that her parents were drug and alcohol abusers, and that they beat her nearly to death when she was one day old and threw her body in an outdoor garbage can.  Her teenaged sister rescued her, and raised her.  She related also that she unintentionally killed that same sister when she (Elka) was in her 20's, because she caught her sister killing her own baby.  While striking her older sister from behind to stop her, she apparently accidentally broke her sister’s back  Elka told me that her sister, already unhealthy from alcohol and drug abuse, died on the spot. Elka also stated several times that she has a very serious congenital heart condition, and that she has died and returned 4 times due to this strange heart-related malady.

Part III
One of my e-mail correspondents (Fred, and almost all of the questions which may follow came from Fred as well) raised a question in regards to Elka, namely, “I have to wonder if she is what she seems to be....”  He semed to feel that she might be from another world, either a spiritual netherworld or even another part of the universe.
In hindsight, my response to Fred was remarkably sterile, almost banal, and showed little willingness to seriously consider any other-worldly origins: “I wonder about that, too.  She is a crazy mystic, and fits no stereotype easily.  Cute as hell, too!”

Fred also was flummoxed by her apparent level of intuition: “I know some witches, but none that could do something like this-- in fact in the hundreds of psychics I've met (Fred used to run a new age bookstore) I never met any that could do the things she did.”
I responded that I have actually met a few intuitives/psychics who can do this kind of stuff with incredible insight and accuracy.  Two who came to mind were:  Bella Karish, in LA, whom Brugh Joy and Dan Millman have written about; she is now very old;
and Frances Fox, an intuitive in Miami, Florida.

A very well-known and brilliant scientific researcher/mystic, whom I respect very much, shared  a theory with me a few months ago as partial explanation of the "flow" each of us experience in some areas of life, and particualrly our area of research, and how all kinds of information and resources seem to come our way.  His theory is that the angels want to work with us and give us this knowledge.  However, most people are way too busy listening to the outside world and its drama. However, if you show a willingness and intent to listen and pay attention to the information, then the angels start to give and keep giving; it is like a flood at times!
When I am in this "flow", I also have tons of energy, and know that my only job is to keep sending love, acceptance and appreciation to all in the world, and the world will fully provide; the world will tell me exactly what it needs of me, and what it needs of me is exactly what I happen to do best!

I sometimes realize that my only job is to pay attention, remember to do what I love and remember to love and accept everything and everyone, no matter what.  Sometimes, I forget all this as well, and get caught in the ruts!

I feel that we are all living awesome stories, if we can just put our hearts and attention into our lives, rather than our expectations and judgements. Then somehow, awe, appreciation and grace enter, and everything is somehow transformed.  I can tell so easily in any moment or on any day whether I am in this state or not.  However, it can take some strong measure of self-discipline, when I realize that I am in "mental expectation time", to soften and slide back into the space of acceptance and blessing.

I have mentioned that Elka emitted a kind of other-worldly energy. I have encountered this energy several times before, primarily in certain women.  I once studied with a female bodyworker who claimed she been trained by the "space brothers", and she emanated this otherworldly energy as well.  Regarding the situation with Elka, I must confess: when the messenger is a mysterious, attractive biker woman who exudes a strange kind of energy, shows rather deep intuitive/psychic insights and even references research which she has not heard about, then I pay attention.  Especially when there is an incredible intensity in her face and eyes, and I feel that an ancient being is smiling through her!

Part IV

Details my third and final encounters with Elka
I saw Elka for the third time on Thursday (6/22/2000) evening.  Some background to this episode: I used go into Baltimore to hang out after work about once or twice a month.  I usually went in at the end of a workday, because, while I lived over an hour from Baltimore, I worked near Baltimore, and the commute, after work, from my workplace to Baltimore was about 15 minutes.  Therefore, I usually did not choose to go into Baltimore on a weekend or a  weekday day off , due to the distance. Thursday was an exception: I had taken the day off from work to pack and ship some RF plasma equipment to a fellow researcher in Arizona, and somehow, as the day wore on, some inner sense told me to go into Baltimore as evening approached.  My intellect argued with this sense at first, proposing that I postpone the Baltimore outing until Friday after work, since the drive would be shortened considerably.  Somehow, though, this did not feel quite right, and I knew, further, that the purpose of my trip was primarily to see Elka.  So, late Thursday PM, after shipping 3 packages at the UPS depot, I resolutely (despite a headache and feeling of malaise) turned the car toward Baltimore, and girded for the trek. Within minutes of hitting the interstate, I was more sure than ever that it was right to go into Baltimore, despite the minor headache which had been growing all afternoon. I had a sense of surety in my gut, and a deep robust energy soon emerged to assure me that I would be able to handle the long drive in (in spite of the headache) and then manage the relatively late drive home (next morning -- Friday -- was a workday) which I was surely in line for.

Now, back to the story . . . When I got my car parked in Baltimore, I walked to the strip bar where I had last sat with Elka.  Upon entering, it was apparent that she was once again not there.  Since I do not drink, and since I dislike smoke, my mind wanted to leave, go outside for air, and perhaps explore the shops along the street. However, some sense prompted me to take a seat and make small talk with a dancer nearby.  Five minutes later, Elka appeared and approached me, again dressed rather unlike the other dancers, and she and I sat on stools and talked.  I noticed immediately that some of her spark and vitality semed to be missing.

She looked at me intently, and said “I need your help, you accidentally took something of mine last week, and I need it back desperately”.  I asked her what it was, and she said it was an “entity” or “spirit” but she could not find just the right words to describe it, as she felt that it was not a possessing, uninvited, or harmful entity, but instead a beneficial one.  Further, it seemed to be a spirit which had lived in her body all her life. Finally, she settled on a description that the entity at hand was “the spirit which animates her body”. Sounded to me most like what the Kahunas and Max Freedom Long call the “lower self” or “lower spirit” -- the soul/spirit which lives in the belly and animates the body.  Many traditions see this soul as distinct from the “spiritual” spirit and the sould, both of which reside in the heart center.  Bella Karish, the famous LA psychic who first turned me on to Long’s Kahuna work because of the usefullness of his models of the spirits/soul/energy centers in the body, dislikes the word “lower self”, and uses the term “basic self” for the same spirit; others have called it the “body spirit”..  I suggested these terms (“lower self” and “basic self”) to Elka, and she agreed that they fit rather well.

Once I made sure that we were not talking about possessing or harmful entities, I nevertheless assured Elka that she must be mistaken because I am usually quite aware of entity invasions, and in any case, do a scan a few times a week for uninvited entities/energies within my aura.  I assured her that I could not have her spirit/entity within me.  She looked me in the eye, assured me that I was mistaken, and told me a bit more.

She told me that her mother (the same mother who beat her as a baby), despite her alcohol and drug problems, had been a medicine woman, as had her mother before her.  She said that medicine women have a very special “lower self” or “body spirit” (borrowing my terms), since it has a very distinct personality and is already an accomplished sorcerer/sorceress, and that further, it is passed from mother to daughter.  She described hers as male, and gave his name as L. (the abbreviation will be enough!), and said that he had tremendous vitality, strong emotions, and was a powerful sorceror, helping her greatly in this lifetime.  Her best sense was that this spirit normally lived in her belly.  Now, all this reminded me all the more of the Kahuna traditions and Max Freedom Long’s work.  If I recall correctly, Long and the Kahunas describe the “lower self” as coming more from the maternal line than the paternal line, and states that a person’s low self will often have a gender opposite that of the body/personality.  There is some indication in his writings that Long felt that the opposing gender polarity was more common in persons of certain proclivities and abilities: particularly “sensitives”, intuitives, psychics, shamans and sorcerers/sorceresses.  Long further has stated that he and the Kahunas believe that the low/basic self resides in the solar plexus center; this has always been my own sense as well, and I am aware that Bella Karish feels the same way.

In any case, Elka informed me,  I had not exactly “taken” or “stolen” her body spirit L., but rather that he had “jumped ship” into my body a week ago while I was visiting her.  She explained that he did this at times, and that although she hated it, it was part and parcel of a healing pact that they had between them.  She said specifically that he had done this 8 tmes in the past 11 years while she lived in Baltimore, and a total of about 30 times during her whole life; in each case he had returned within 7 or 8 days.  She said that when he was gone, she felt very dead and flat, very tired, and had no feelings or animation, and that if he had stayed away for much longer, she would have started to die. Further, she told me, she had started to get a cold earlier in the week, and this primarily happened for her when her soul was “visiting”.  She told me that a sensitive friend had looked into her eyes on Tuesday night, and announced “they are flat, your spirit is gone”.

I asked her why L. had jumped ship, and she explained it as a rather heroic healing effort. She said that my aura had shown some damage which indicated that my own body spirit was damaged (she said that most of the damage happened at age 5) by outside forces, and that L. had jumped ship into my body in order to do some major repair on my basic self/body spirit, which is a female spirit named S., since my body spirit still showed major damage despite years of effort and healing techniques on my part. She told me that I regularly contracted lots of colds and flus despite my diet, exercise and other efforts (and this was 100% true, although I had never told her this), and that the reason was that my damaged spirit/low self could not fully occupy my body with enough vitality to protect it.

I asked her if L. could simply have returned to her during the past week, and she said no, that since L. is not a possessing entity or demon, he cannot easily enter or leave a body to return to her unless that she and that person are touching and they are looking into each other’s eyes.  She reminded me that our legs and knees, and sometimes our hands, had been touching last week, and that we had been looking deeply into each other’s eyes (all of which I well remembered -- she has beautiful eyes), and that L. had made the jump at that time.

In any event, she explained, she had put up with his absence long enough, and now needed her vitality and feelings back, and that one immediate benefit for me would be that the headache which I had been nursing would soon go away (yes, she was right about the headache, which had started in mid-afternoon, and no, I had not mentioned it to her).  She also mentioned that I had likely had strange headaches over the past few days, and that these were due to waste/toxic emotional energy and patterns being dug up by L’s work.  Although I had not told Elka this beforehand, it was entirely true that I had had strange headaches over the past 4 days.  I usually did not get headaches unless coming down with the flu, but had experienced a strange headache and lightheadedness over the previous few days.

Since I had mentioned the other kind of entities, as well as demons, during the conversation, Elka also informed me that she is not just a good witch, as she had told me when we first met, but also does “bad” witching (her phrase) sometimes, and, to those ends, has about 16 entities in her being. Some she uses for good witching, and others are, in her words, like minor demons, which she uses only for “bad” witching; she told me that she keeps them all caged in her energy body at other times so that they cannot drain or harm her.

Well, this was getting a bit spooky and strange, but nothing yet beyond my training and experience in the esoteric and mystical sciences.    Since she was asserting that I had her spirit L. inside me, and knowing full well that she would soon ask that we touch each other and look into each other’s eyes, I decided to check in with my intuition and heart for guidance.  I shifted part of my attention to my heart/solar plexus centers, cleared a space as best I could, and asked if she was telling the truth about L, if she was safe to do the exercise with, if I was safe from danger with her. The answer I received to the latter two questions was in each case was a clear “yes”.  However, my intuition, at least in this setting, could not tell me for sure whether there was really a spirit named L. inside my aura/being, or any other uninvited entity for that matter, and tended to think not.  I asked my intuition if  L. or any other entity, over the past week, had harmed me, drained any energy from me, or intended me any harm, and the answer was a strong “no” in each case.

Based upon this inner dialogue, all in a smoky crowded bar, I decided to allow myself to interact with Elka as she was now asking.  We sat facing each other on our stools so that our knees and legs touched, and with hands touching, we looked into each other’s eyes for several minutes.  I deliberately opened and loosened the energy “threads” in my abdomen to allow L., if he was present (I reserved the right to withold belief in any of the models which Elka was offering, and decided to nontheless just go with the flow), to exit more easily.  After several minutes Elka brightened up, sat up straighter, and told me that L. was back inside her.  A few minutes later I noticed that my headache was largely gone (no, this does not mean that I automatically decided that Elka’s story must be true!), and Elka’s eyes were now much brighter.

Elka, now more animated, then explained to me that L. had never been gone for more than 8 days, and that L. had just told her that it was he, along with my own intuition, who had prompted me to come to Baltimore that evening to try to find her (actually, I had somehow known I would find her; there was little “trying” involved!)  She did admit that she had started to get a bit desperate as the week wore on, since she did not have my phone number or address and hence had no way to contact me.  She insisted that there was no way that L. could have made the return transition to her from a distance, since L. was not a “proper” entity or demon, but rather a spirit bound to the body.

I asked her if she or L. could tell me anything more about what he had learned about the supposed damage to S., or what he had done for me while in my aura.  She demurred at first, saying she could usually only get such inner information at bedtime, or while asleep, and that we were in a noisy bar.  However, confirming a hunch which had come to me, Elka, within 3 minutes, started sharing some information which L. was passing to her.  She was a bit embarrased, however, since she clearly felt tht the quality/accuracy of the information might be low, due to the setting we were in.

She said my basic self soul had been rather heavily damaged at age 5, and again a few times later in life, and that pieces had been literally missing.  The damage, she said, had been wrought both by people and entities.  She said that early in my life, I had frequently conversed with my basic self, and that after the damage at age 5, that communication largely dropped by the wayside until the past few years, due to the damage.  She told me that my spirit/basic self had often been  perceived by me as one or more of my imaginary childhood friend(s), and then described these imaginary friends from ages 3, 4 and 5.   She was right on all counts!  She said repeatedly that due to the basic self/spirit damage, I developed health problems after that age (totally true!), since my basic self/soul was no longer robust enough to fully protect my aura/body, and that this too, had only recently started to reverse.  She again iterated that the primary reason why I had experienced so many problems with colds and flus during adulthood was this same reason.

Lastly, Elka told me that S. and my body would need lots of rest for the next two weeks, and that I might have a lot of headaches for about a week as deep energetic and tissue toxins cleared. She warned me not to take any over-the-counter pain medications for this, and I assured her that I never take any pharmaceuticals, even OTC remedies.

Over the next few days, I asked my intuition about Elka’s interesting hypothesis/assertion and got the answer that while we do have a basic self/spirit, to the best knowledge of my inner self, Elka’s basic self (nor any other spirit) had never entered me, and that my own basic self, which I had talked with quite frequently, was not a female and did not bear the name which Elka had claimed. Further, my intuitiion told me again that there had been no entities of any kind within my aura/being over the past few weeks.  However, my intuition assured me that I had not been harmed in any way during my session with Elka, and reminded me that it is not all-knowing, and that perhaps something along the lines of a visit by L. had happened which neither my intuition nor I was aware of.  My basic self essentially repeated the same answers given to me by my intuition.

So here was a situation where my intuition and basic self could not say for sure that the situation described by Elka had not happened, although they were quite sure it had not occurred.  I was reminded here of a tale recounted by Brugh Joy, MD, in this first book, “Joy’s Way”. While in his mid-30’s, he had acquired all kinds of neat ways of talking with his inner self, his intuition, and his guides -- he had become quite the spiritual/intuitive surfer. However, at one point, while still a practicing MD, he developed a very serious pancreatic disease, with the potential of a fatal outcome.  His intuition and guides could offer him no insight or advice on how to deal with that disease, and were rather resigned to it’s presence.

Then, one day while at work, Brugh experienced a spontaneous and powerful trance state in which he was told by powerful angelic beings to immediately leave medicine (he currently held over $100,000 in debt from medical school!) and instead travel to India and certain sacred places for 2 years, and then, upon returning, he was to become a spiritual teacher.  Further, they told him that if he did not do so, the pancreatic disease would kill him within 2 months, since the first phase of his life and soul contract was now completed, but that if he followed this new guidance and embarked upon a new mission, then the pancereatic disease would disappear.  He was further advised that either course choice was okay, and neither was wrong.  Upon leaving the trance, he asked his intuition, inner self and his guides, all of which had been incredibly useful and helpful in the past, for their opinion about this unexpected and stunning revelation. They replied that they knew nothing about this whole thing, and that possibly some far deeper part of his spirit/being or God had been speaking during the trance, a part which they had no access to. Further, they could not advise him regarding the gut-wrenching decision he was now facing. (Yes, he did decide one day later to follow the advice of the vision, and the pancreatic disease (along with his wife) disappeared imediately!  He never returned to the practice of medicine.)

Now, before anyone starts picturing Elka as some kind of perfect intuitive/healer, or perhaps an angel in disguise, let me relate a few other things she told me later that same evening. As we talked in the aftermath of the putative L.-transfer incident, she told me that I should eat lots of oranges; the reality is that oranges give me headaches.  Further, she told me that I should stop taking all nutritional supplements (since they contain “unnatural chemicals”), and just eat food for my vitamins and minerals. I have tried that at times in my life, and it does not work well for me at all, unless perhaps I am eating all organic fresh and raw fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.  I asked her if perhaps she was recommending that I switch to a largely fresh and raw diet (which I was already in the process of doing), and she emphatically said “no”, that she felt that food should be cooked.  Now, I know in my gut that her two recommendations did not work for me at all, although I have encountered other folks as well who feel that all supplemental vitamins, minerals and other substances are ultimately bad for the body.

I have had only a few minor, almost accidental, encounters with Elka since the one recounted here, and it seems rather obvious that whetever was meant to happen betwen us had been played out and the synchronistic energy signature or tension between us (I call it a “charge”) was present to a much lesser extent than intially.  However, she still looked as beautiful as ever to me each of the latter times I saw her!  For some reason, there was now little for us to talk about, and some inner sense told me that this was perfectly okay, and to accept it.  Looking back, I suspect for several reasons that I will probably not see her again, or if so, only very infrequently, and that feels right and appropriate.  Despite the the fact that I was single at the time of these encounters, I had little temptation to pursue a romantic or sexual relationship with this exotic and attractive woman, largely because she was already in a relationship.

In hindsight, I realize that my physical health and well-being did change a lot in the months after my putative healing encounter with Elka’s inner basic self/spirit.  Shortly after that encounter with Elka, I  plunged more fully into eating a raw diet which included raw animal foods, and within a short time, my health and energy improved drastically, I gained 27 pounds of high-density body weight, mostly muscle, and both looked and felt far more robust, sturdy, strong and healthy than I had ever felt in adulthood.   Does this mean that I really did have a spirit visitor in the form of L., and that my visitor had performed healing work on my body?  No, it certainly does not mean that, but yet the timing leaves room for one to wonder. . .

One last musing on “manifesting”, and this does reflect the state wich I was in when I first met Elka:  I find the stuff flows the easiest, and comes closest to what New Agers call "manifestation" if and when I radiate love and acceptance from my heart center, with just a tiny awareness in the back of my mind of what I think I need.  In the case of my first meeting with Elka, I had been hoping to perhaps meet an interesting woman that afternoon in Baltimore, but primarily had felt a need to be reminded once again of the mystical and magical side of life.  Somehow, it had all flowed into place seamlessly.

The last time I saw Elka was in January 2001, in the strip bar where she worked.  She loked and acted unfocused and rather scattered and confused.  She said some strange things which did not make much sense, almost resembling someone with an affective disorder, or perhaps one using drugs.  However, we chatted for a few minutes, and several times we looked into each other’s eyes.  I started feeling rather strange almost immediately, and for the rest of the afternoon.  When I arrived home that evening from my outing in Baltimore, I still felt strange and also felt unnaturally tired.  I went to bed almost immediately after feeding the dog and having a quick meal myself.  As I lay in bed, I scanned my body and energy bodies, and realized that I had picked up a possessing entity which was still present in my abdominal area. I asked my intuition, and learned that I had picked it up from Elka while we were making eye contact.  I quickly located the entity, sent it love and acceptance, and then escorted it out of my body and to where it best belonged, with blessings and care.  The whole process took under five minutes, and when it was done, I felt tremendously different; the strange feeling and fatigue were totally gone, and I slept easily.

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